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8/8: The full transcript from "Super Asian America" at SD Comic-Con 2017 is now online - READ HERE

8/6: Tickets to Asian AF LA sold out in 14 hours!

8/5: Tickets to Asian AF LA are on sale! - BUY HERE

JULY 2017

7/28: July's sold out Asian AF LA show featured Manny Jacinto, Eugene Cordero, Joy Regullano, & Sherry Cola!

7/25: Will Choi was interviewed by Giant Robot Media! - READ HERE

7/23: Will Choi represented Asian AF at San Diego Comic-Con 2017 as a panelist for Racebending's "Super Asian America"

7/20: Tickets for Asian AF NY sold out in less than 24 hours!

7/19: Tickets for Asian AF NY on 8/15 just got released - BUY HERE

7/16Will Choi & Asian AF received a quick shoutout from The Nerds of Color - READ HERE

7/12Will Choi was interviewed by Splitsider! - READ HERE

7/12: Tickets for Asian AF LA sold out in less than 24 hours!

7/11: Tickets for Asian AF LA on 7/28 are released! - BUY HERE

7/8: Asian AF read live excerpts from Sarah Kuhn's Asian American superhero trilogy "Heroine Worship"  - BUY HERE

7/3: Asian AF's New York debut show was featured on OnStage Blog - READ HERE

7/3: Watch Voltron's improv set at KPCC's Unheard LA event - WATCH HERE

7/2: Will Choi & Keiko Agena were on the We're Not All Ninjas Podcast, and got to talk about Asian AF & Scarlett Johansson Presents in NYC - LISTEN HERE

JUNE 2017

6/28: Asian AF was featured again on The Elite Daily Show - WATCH HERE

6/27: Asian AF had its very first show in New York! The sold out show featured Aparna Nancherla, Hudson Yang, and more!

6/23: Scarlett Johansson Presents kicked off the Del Close Marathon in New York!

6/19: Asian AF co-hosts Will Choi & Keiko Agena were guests on KollabCast, talking about Asian AF in New York - LISTEN HERE

6/15: Will Choi & improv team Voltron participated in 89.3 KPCC's storytelling event UnHeardLA - WATCH HERE

6/14: Asian AF in NY was featured on - READ HERE

6/12: Asian AF was featured on The Elite Daily Show - WATCH HERE

6/10: Asian AF's June show was a huge success and featured Suzy Nakamura, Long You, and Kevin Yee. Next up, New York!

MAY 2017

5/31: Will Choi was featured in a video by MIC.COM - WATCH HERE

5/24: Asian AF in NY was written up by Angry Asian Man - READ HERE

5/23: Will Choi, Dione Kuraoka, & Dhruv Singh did an interview about Asian AF for the Elite Daily Show

5/17: Will Choi was invited to speak at UCLA's APAHM panel for his work with Asian AF

5/14: Asian AF was featured in ABC News - READ HERE

5/13: Will Choi and the cast of Asian AF had a panel for APAHM at UCB - LISTEN HERE

5/12: Asian AF's May APAHM show featured Kulap Vilaysack, Lewis Tan, Amy Hill, and Kiran Deol

5/1: Will Choi was chosen as one of NBC Asian America's break out stars of 2017 for his work with Asian AF - READ HERE